PiMover II

PiMover II 1.0

File manager for your palm's memory and expansion cards

PiMover II is the complete Storage Manager for your Palm OS handheld device. PiMover II lets you seamlessly manage the use of PDA and expansion card memory, giving you virtually unlimited storage capacity along with fast access to your applications and data, no matter where they reside.

Some of PiMover II's main features include:

  • Organize and view your data in folders
  • Seamlessly view data on RAM, external memory card
  • Move apps and documents back and forth between RAM and external memory with the swipe of your stylus
  • Create directories on external memory card for better organizaton
  • View available memory on RAM, external memory, or the collective total, allowing you to better manage where you choose to store data
  • View files on RAM or memory card in a clear and simple manner: Options to view folders in a tree strcuture. Options to view files in list by icons, list or detail
  • Manage your files on RAM or memory card in a Seamless fashion: Supports basic file operations such as Cut, copy, paste, move, Delete, Rename

Manage your Palm's storage with this comprehensive, easy to use solution.

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PiMover II


PiMover II 1.0